Little Boys Love Smocked Clothes

Maybe little boys don't care about dressing up

as much as little girls, but if you choose clothing that has a picture smocked of something your child loves, then it is bound to be a hit and likely, he will prefer to wear it over anything else!

Anavini is one of those brands that you can depend on to be top quality.  I came across this precious picture of a smocked tractor pulling a hay wagon.  This is an  Anavini jon jon for a little boy.

My little boys loved tractors- anything with a motor was a "mo mo" to them.  How they would have loved to wear this! Now they are more inclined to love motorcycles and 4 wheelers.  Read the rest of this entry

Heidi Klun’s Daughter Wears a Red Smocked Dress

Pnoto from

Pnoto from

A red smocked dress looks smashing on Heidi Klum's daughter as her mom picks her up from preschool.  The hand-smocked red silk dress is trimmed with velveteen and made by  Janie and Jack. It retails for about $88.

Red dresses can be worn year-round, though you are certainly in tune with the season when you wear red at Christmastime.

With Christmas fast approaching, Read the rest of this entry

Smocked Clothes:Fitting Tips

Smocked Clothing that Flatters Your Child

It is important to choose a garment style that is appropriate to the age or body style of the child. Dresses that have a waistline are not flattering to a baby or a toddler. Bishop dresses are a great standby for both infants and toddlers. Waistline styles do not flatter heavy children. A bishop style or a high yoke is much more attractive. Conversely, if a child is thin, be careful not to make her dresses too long so that they accent her thinness. An older child of nine or ten usually looks better in a more tailored dress style than a bishop type dress. Fortunately, pleats with smocking are flattering to everyone.

Keep color families simple by choosing one predominant color with no more than two secondary colors. The shades in a garment should match in brightness. If the dress is basically pastel, all of the colors should be pastels. Read the rest of this entry

Clothing the Kids in Style

As a mother of five, I am interested in finding beautiful and functional clothing for children- both for special occasions and for everyday wear. I like to find ideas for clothing that I can make myself.  Many times the patterns and ideas are beyond my skill, but I like looking at them in appreciation (and for inspiration) anyway.  Clothing can truly be a work of art...thus my site's name-Artistic Children's Clothing.  I hope to share some of these ideas for children's clothing with those of you who stumble upon this blog. Welcome!!

As much as I would like  to make most of my children's special clothes, practically speaking, there is never enough time.  So when I buy, I like to find children's clothing that is similar to what I would like to make if I could. Artistic Children's Clothing Store offers name-brand smocked clothing for children at prices that we can (usually) afford.

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