Tips for Choosing Smocked Clothing for Children

It is important to choose a garment style that is appropriate to the age or body style of the child. Dresses that have a waistline are not flattering to a baby or a toddler. Bishop dresses are a great standby for both infants and toddlers. Waistline styles do not flatter heavy children. A bishop style or a high yoke is much more attractive. Conversely, if a child is thin, be careful not to make her dresses too long so that they accent her thinness. An older child of nine or ten usually looks better in a more tailored dress style than a bishop type dress. Fortunately, pleats with smocking are flattering to everyone.

Keep color families simple by choosing one predominant color with no more than two secondary colors. The shades in a garment should match in brightness. If the dress is basically pastel, all of the colors should be pastels. If the fabric color is more of a medium shade, then the coordinating fabrics and the embroidered smocking should be in medium shades also. If you go with bright party color fabric, all the coordinating colors in the dress should also be bright. Be especially careful with the bright colors. You may regret the choice later as you tire of it.

Make your child the focus. The dress style and colors are chosen to accent her features. Pastels are often chosen for this very reason. They take nothing away from the child, but contribute to the overall beauty of the child wearing the outfit; therefore, color choices should be considered carefully. Too much color or mixiness in color choices can take the focus off of the child.

Smocked garments are perfectly beautiful choices for boy infants. Smocking is also fine for little boys. As your little man grows, you will probably want to choose more manly looks for his heirloom clothing. It is a personal decision as to when a boy is too old for this special childhood look. Be sure that your child’s father is in agreement with your decision to dress your son in smocked and heirloom garments. Enjoy the time that he is little and can wear such lovely things.

Lastly, it is important to consider the fabric. You can not have a quality garment without quality fabric. Garments made of excellent fabric lend themselves to lasting and looking fresh even when they are passed down to younger children