Smocked Silly Goose

Where there are children, there is a flurry of activity to prepare for going back to school. We are all stocking up on school supplies while the price is right. But more than school supplies must be purchased.  Most children have need of new clothes for the coming school year.

There are many adorable smocked dresses for girls and smocked outfits for boys that are designed around the back to school theme like this little round yolk dress that sold yesterday through the auctions.  This particular dress is designed by Silly Goose and it sold for only $15.50. This auction even included the bow for no extra charge!

The dress is black/white gingham with two sets of  letters, apples, and an apple tree smocked on the yolk.

The back to school  deals are there!  Search by brand name or by your child's size  (SEE Sidebar at right).

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