Orient Expressed Bishop

This is a very simple image of a smocked dress that sold yesterday. The remarkable thing is that the dress sold for only $9.99!

The Orient Expressed dress is a smocked bishop dress (also know as a round yolk dress) for a baby girl in size 18 months. The colors are exquisite! The rich but soft teal decorated with a geometric smocking design of white, pink, and green. If you look closely, you can see that the  design includes hearts and roses giving off a feminine touch.

Orient Expressed is a company that produces some of the loviest smocked clothing for children. Take a look at the Orient Expresses store page to get an overview of what is available today on eBay. Perhaps there are so true bargains like this one scattered through the listings.

Browse through other namebrands such as Beaux and Belles,    Anavini,    Zuccini,    Will-Beth to name a few.  You'll discover that there is a fine selection and the prices are good to your pocketbook.

The best way to browse, though, is by size (see right sidebar) . By size you can see exactly what is available  in your child's size.

Now......see what bargains you can find today!

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