Since I have raised four little boys I still am partial to designs like this smocked cowboy insert. I can just picture how cute my little boys would have looked in this smocked cowboy outfit.


This is  a smocked Be Mine jon jon or shortall  made of orange gingham. The smocking shows a little cowboy with his lasso twirling and with his frisky horse. Comes with matching shirt with orange gingham collar.  This is one of the many items listed on ebay this week.
(seller: sweetpeasfinerthings)

Smocking is such an artform and almost any child's hobby or interest can be found in a smocking design if you search a bit.

Tractors and trucks were big pleasers for my boys and they are easy to find in smocking designs. But you can find smocked outfits with designs for golf, football, ballet, biking, dogs, and on and on.

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