Maybe little boys don't care about dressing up

as much as little girls, but if you choose clothing that has a picture smocked of something your child loves, then it is bound to be a hit and likely, he will prefer to wear it over anything else!

Anavini is one of those brands that you can depend on to be top quality.  I came across this precious picture of a smocked tractor pulling a hay wagon.  This is an  Anavini jon jon for a little boy.

My little boys loved tractors- anything with a motor was a "mo mo" to them.  How they would have loved to wear this! Now they are more inclined to love motorcycles and 4 wheelers. 

Another idea for fall is an outfit smocked with footballs.

(It's amazing the detail in this.)

Find some picture smocked clothing for your little boy and he may be begging to wear it.

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